TAN Feed

Texas Animal Nutrition Products

Texas Animal Nutrition, or TAN feeds is Walden Farm & Ranch Supply’s house blend of feed. These feeds are exclusively made for Walden Farm & Ranch Supply and our partners by Thomas Moore Feeds.  Texas Animal Nutrition feeds (TAN Feeds) have more than 80 years of feed experience behind them. Thomas Moore Feeds is partnered with Kentucky Equine Research to produce the finest feed possible. To learn more about the research that goes into making our TAN feeds, please click here.

Our house brand of feeds include:

  • Horse Feed (12-8 Pellet, 12% High Grain Sweet)
  • Cattle Feed (12% Bull & Heifer Developer, 20% All Natural Cubes)
  • All Stock Feed (10% Sweet, 14% Horse & Creep Pellets, 10% Easy Keeper Pellets, 12% All Stock Sweet)
  • Poultry Feed (Hen Scratch, Layer Pellets, Layer Crumbles)
  • Deer Corn (Whole corn)
  • Groovy Scratch (8-Grain Groovy Scratch, available in 20#, 40#)
  • Premium Natural Equine Feed: Senior
  • Premium Natural Equine Feed: Calm & Safe