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Purina Feed | Research Based Nutrition For Any Farm Animal

Since 1926 Purina Mills has been a leader in animal science and nutrition.  They have a strong sense of responsibility to animals and their owners. We love that they're focused on research and have a working farm to continuously carry out nutrition studies and fine tune their feed.

This philosophy is reflected in the unconditional quality of their feeds. Their focus on research in the 'real world' environment has made brought them to the forefront of animal agriculture for decades.

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Research Based Nutrition

Purina feed is developed at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center located in Missouri.

It is a 1,200 acre working farm with over 3,000 animals. They milk cows, feed over 80 horses, care for hundreds of beef cattle, and raise dozens of other species of animals.

The main goal of the Center is research, knowledge, and new products to bring the best Purina feed and products possible for animal agriculture. .

According to the Purina Animal Nutrition Center, "Purina is responsible for more than 24,000 animal nutrition studies and counting."

Purina is responsible for more than 24,000 animal nutrition studies and counting

It is a working farm that is their laboratory. They believe the only way to find great feed is by using it in real life.

Research Capability

At Purina, they do research on the cellular and genetic level. They have a state-of-the-art facility for microbiome and metabolism studies.

Purina is always looking for healthier ways to optimize production. They want to define the role of nutrition in the livestock industry.

In 2001, Land O'Lakes purchased Purina but still it carries on their philosophy and mission for research-based nutrition tested in the real world.

We go from research at the cellular level clear to whole farm products. We take it the entire way." - Dr Cindie Luhman, Vice President of Technical Innovation

Types Of Purina Feed

Purina makes many different types of animal feed.

Purina Horse Feed

Purina horse feed comes in many variations. You can find the right Purina feed for just about any health concern or performance goal you have for your horse.

Purina horse feed is developed the best thinking of the most accomplished group of Ph.D. equine nutritionists and equine experts in the industry.

You can find Strategy, Ultium, Impact, and Equine and Replenimash. Each has been formulated for your horse's specific needs.

Purina Animal Nutrition High Octane Ultra Full 50lb 50

Purina Cattle Feed

You can find many choices of cattle feed for your cattle's specific stage of life. Cow & Calf, Weaned Calf, Replacement, and Grower & Finisher are made to have the right balance of protein, minerals, and vitamins for your herd.

Purina's Wind And Rain Cattle Feed are a specialized line of minerals. They are a more economical feed than conventional loose minerals.


Purina Commercial Poultry Feed

Purina has a full like of commercial poultry feed. Whether you have pullets, laying hens, broilers, gamebirds, ducks, or turkeys, Purina feed will have something nutritious for your poultry.

If you're struggling with diseases within your flock, you can benefit from Purina's Microbiome Quotient service. It uses a targeted investigation to deliver a customized solution for a poultry disease challenge. They collect microbiome samples and use gene sequencing to analyze an imbalance in the microbial population.

Purina Layena+

Purina Backyard Poultry Feed

Purina feeds for backyard poultry are focused on chicks and pullets, goslings, laying hens, and other types of poultry. You can find the right feed to bring long term health and happiness to your flock.

For chicks, Purina has starter feeds, like Start & Grow, that are aimed at giving your baby birds the right nutrients to grow big and strong.

Purina Rabbit Food Complete Pellets

Purina Rabbit Feed

Whether you're a first-time rabbit owner, experienced breeder or dedicated show enthusiast, Purina has the right rabbit feed for you. Purina Rabbit premium feeds focus on bringing you consistent, wholesome nutrition for all breeds and life stages.

With Purina feed, your rabbits will have softer, more vibrant fur and healthier growth.

Purina Goat Feed

Purina Goat Feed

Purina has a full line of goat feed for goats of all ages and stages. And because they're owned by Land O'Lakes, you can find Kid Milk Replacer that is wholesome and nutritious.

Purina Goat Grower-Finisher 14 DX .0033 is a complete feed for growing and finishing meat goats. It is formulated with Lambitine technology which helps support immune competence and optimize feed consumption.

Purina Animal Nutrition Sheep Mineral 50

Purina Sheep Feed

Like Purina goat feed, Purina sheep feed also includes milk replacer for lambs. You can find medicated feed for all life stages and Accuration feed for sheep and goats.

Purina Accuration Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Block is a premium, weather-resistant, protein block with fat, vitamins and minerals added to balance nutrient deficiencies in fair quality forages.

Final Thoughts

Purina Mills has been a trusted leader in animal agriculture for decades. They're approach of using research on a working farm helps them hone and change processes and recipes in real time. The are a leader in animal nutrition studies and it shows. Purina feed will keep your animals healthy and growing for their entire lives.