Seed Potatoes and Spring Onion Sets At Walden FRS

seed potatoesPick up seed potatoes and spring onion sets at Walden Farm &  Ranch Supply. We’ve got several varieties of onion sets and seed potatoes to choose from.  Our onions are here and ready to be planted. Seed potatoes should arrive early February. Call your local Walden FRS to confirm delivery.

Onion Varieties at Walden FRS

1015-Y - Super-sweet Onion  - A giant yellow onion with a super sweet taste. Onions can grow as large as softballs—and store well for 2-3 months.

Texas Legend Onion - Specifically bred for more healthful benefits than its parent variety, the original 1015Y Texas Supersweet, Texas Legend is still as mild and sweet!

Red Southern Bell Onion -  Blushing deep red throughout, this southern belle is truly a beauty and sweet as well!

Seed Potatoes Varieties at Walden FRS

Red Pontiac Potatoes -  These popular red all-purpose potatoes with very sweet, white flesh & thin skin makes a great “new” potato.

Kennebec Potatoes - Thin, smooth skin and flesh make these oval potatoes an all-purpose pantry staple. Young tubers are tasty for creaming and full-size spuds are excellent for frying, boiling, mashing or baking.

January is the time to get your onions sets in the ground. Read more about planting onion sets here.

Tips For Planting Potatoes

When purchasing seed potatoes, look for certified seed potatoes. These are seeding potatoes which have not been treated with growth retardants to prevent sprouting.

After you have planned and prepared a garden spot with well-drained, loose soil, the seed potatoes can be prepped for planting:

Cut each seed potato into quarters (sulfur dust can be applied to the fresh cut ends) and let the potato quarters set out overnight or longer until cut sides callus over. Seed potato quarters are then ready to plant— for a good rule of thumb, potato quarters should be planted 3” to 4” deep and spaced 12” to 15” apart. To provide plants plenty of growing room, make sure rows are spaced 24” to 36” apart.

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