Texas Animal Nutrition Feeds At Walden FRS

Texas Animal Nutrition Feeds are now available at Walden Farm & Ranch Supply

Texas Animal NutritionTexas Animal Nutrition, or TAN feeds is Walden Farm & Ranch Supply’s house blend of feed. These feeds are exclusively made for Walden Farm & Ranch Supply stores and our partners.  Texas Animal Nutrition feeds (TAN Feeds) have more than 80 years of feed experience behind them.

Our house brand of feeds include:

Horse Feed

  • 12-8 Horse Pellet for maintenance of mature horses.
  • 12% High Grain Sweet Feed for maintenance of mature horses.
  • Calm & Safe Premium Natural Equine Feed from TAN Feeds is a unique formulation, delivering “Natural” energy from Safe Forage Technology and plant based added dietary fat without added dietary starch from cereal grains. The combination of fat and fermentable fiber delivers needed energy for the horse, while helping to maintain attentiveness and focus during training and exercise.
  • Senior Premium Natural Equine Feed is specially designed for the senior horse, providing additional protein and highly digestible fiber, along with essential vitamins and minerals to support optimal health. This innovative platform of nutrition technologies is formulated for balance and support of horses in the later stage of their life.

Cattle Feed 

  • 12% Bull & Heifer Developer for growing cattle on pasture or dry lot.
  • 20% All Natural Cubes for beef cattle on pasture.

All Stock Feeds

  • 10% All Stock Sweet for beef cattle, mature horses & goats.

Poultry Feeds

  • Hen Scratch for all classes of poultry.
  • Groovy Scratch for all classes of poultry available in 20 lbs & 40 lbs


  • Deer Corn whole kernel premium corn for deer attractant

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