Prepare for Freezing Temperatures with Products From Walden FRS

freezing tempratures

As winter sets in and freezing temperatures are a normal occurrence across North Texas, make sure you are prepped and ready to meet the frosty temperatures.  Before the next hard freeze, visit us at Walden Farm & Ranch Supply today. We have all the supplies you need to protect your animals and your plants from the freezing temperatures.

Take the extra steps to make sure your livestock animals and family pets are protected from the cold, too! Make sure they have plenty of feed and fresh water and provide extra shavings and hay for stable animals, including your chickens.  Pick up stock tank deicer, bucket heaters, heat lamps, hay and shavings here. We also have a great selection of horse blankets.

Keep your garden plants and shrubs well-protected when temperatures stay below freezing for more than a couple hours or overnight. Walden FRS carries garden frost blankets and burlap which help keep plants insulated and prevent freeze damage. Reapplying mulch will provide additional insulation for plants and soil during a hard freeze. Container plants should be moved inside or in a protected area. Water your plants, especially container plants, before a freeze moves in to ensure plants stay hydrated.  Remember to cover up your outdoor faucets– make sure the spigot is turned off with any hoses removed— we have foam insulated faucet covers to keep these from freezing.

Walden Farm & Ranch Supply also carries plenty of de-icers, salt, and ice melt products in the event our never predictable Texas weather turns icy. Stay ahead of freezing temperatures with a visit to Walden FRS— we have frost blankets, hay, shavings, deicers and more.  Come see us today!

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