Good Natured Organic Pest Control Products

Looking for organic pest control options? Walden FRS in Mineral Wells is proud to offer a full selection of organic products that provide a natural, safe and responsible way to care for your lawn, garden, and home, including products by Good Natured. This line of organic products is backed by years of experience in the organic industry and are safe for You, Your Children, Your Pets, OUR Planet! Take a look at some of the Good Natured Organic Products we have in stock at Walden Farm & Ranch Supply in Mineral Wells.

Natural Cedar Warrior in Granules or Hose-End Sprayer:

  • Chemical free, natural insect control that repels mosquitoes, flies, fleas, roaches, ants, crickets, chiggers, chinch bugs, gnats, grubs, scorpions, snakes, and more.  Easy to apply, and lasts  2 - 4 weeks depending on infestation.  40# bag granules cover up to 3,000 SQ. ft.

Good Natured Mosquito Blocker

  • Your answer for fighting off those pesky mosquitoes in your yard! Don’t share your backyard barbecue or family time with those biting bugs! Just hook it up to your hose and spray, leaving a bug-free, pleasant smelling yard for you to enjoy!

Good Natured Garlic Juice with Molasses

  • Garlic Juice with Molasses is an insect repellant and fungicide. The hose-end sprayer mixes the garlic juice with water and can be applied to all landscapes, including, but not limited to, your lawn, deck, interior landscaping, potted plants, vegetable gardens, farms, and all crops to repel insects. As a fungicide, it controls black spot, powdery mildew, and many other diseases on plants and turf.  Good for control of ants, aphids, bees, chiggers, flies, fleas, fungus gnats, grasshoppers, leaf loopers, leaf miners, leaf rollers, mosquitoes, spider mites, thrips, wasps, and white flies.

Good Natured Dried Molasses 40#

  • Good Natured Dried Molasses good for all grasses, roses, trees, shrubs, gardens, vegetables and flowering plants. It’s the only dried molasses that is air dried so all the nutrients stay alive and are not “cooked out”. Use as a soil amendment and to control fire ants.

Corn Gluten Meal 40#

  • Use corn gluten meal as a fungicide on your lawn or in your pond to control algae.

Stop by Walden FRS at 196 Garrett Morris Pkwy in Mineral Wells and let us help you start an organic pest control program.

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