Alfa Pro Complete Cube Horse Feed From Hi Pro

Alfa Pro Horse Feed by Hi-Pro is now available at Walden FRS Weatherford West location at 1450 Mineral Wells Hwy in Weatherford.

Alfa-Pro is an exceptional fortified ground alfalfa cube formulated to meet all the nutrient requirements of a mature horse. Based on chopped, premium alfalfa hay, Alfa Pro can be used as a complete feed. Great for mature horses that are sensitive to dust, and hard keepers that typically don’t chew or digest long stemmed forages. It provides a base diet that can be measured to ensure the appropriate intake by obese horses to help manage weight. Alfa-Pro is easy to feed, and consistent.

• Premium ground alfalfa complete feed cube
• 14% crude protein, 2.5% fat
• Fortified with all necessary vitamins and minerals to meet the nutritional needs of the mature horse
• Added prebiotics and probiotics aid in digestive health
• Added vitamin E and selenium help reduce the chances of tying up and increase immune function
• A more consistent product compared to feeding hay, and with less dust
• Can replace hay and pasture; no additional forage is necessary
• Convenient and easy to feed on the road or at home

Feeding Directions
Feed horses at the rate of 1.5% to 2.0% body weight depending on their condition, physical activity and/or production stage. We suggest providing feed at least twice per day in equal portions. Also provide fresh, clean water at all times

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