Honor Show Chow Flex Lamb TXT B30

Flex Lamb TXTB330 Honor Show ChowThe new Flex Lamb TXT B30 lamb feed from Honor Show Chow, is now available at Walden Farm & Ranch Supply. This feed is a high fiber, low energy show ration that is an excellent option for those lambs that you want to add fat in a slow and controlled manner. It also performs extremely well in times of hot weather or when you are just wanting to grow lambs without putting on excessive fat. Honor® Show Chow® Flex Lamb TXT B30 feed gives you a choice.

Honor Show Chow Flex Lamb TXT B30 is a highly-palatable, textured feed designed as a Starter/Grower/Finisher for show lambs, replacement ewe lambs, rams and the entire breeding herd. This feed is medicated with Bovatec® to prevent coccidiosis.


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