Save On TAN Groovy Hen Scratch Chicken Feed


Save up to $2 per bag on TAN Groovy Hen Scratch Chicken Feed with our in-store coupon at all Walden Farm & Ranch Supply locations

TAN™ Groovy Hen Scratch is suitable for all classes of poultry.  Save $1 off 20# and $2 off 40# bags of Groovy Hen Scratch at all Walden FRS locations.

* Limit 10 bags, so stock up & save!

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-Grain Formulation
  • Contains Peas As Additional Source Of Protein
  • Black Oil Sunflower Seeds Provide Additional Fat
  • Contains Poultry Grit To Aid Digestive Capability

Ingredients - Milo, Wheat, Chopped Corn, Black Oil Sunflower Seed, Poultry Grit, Popcorn, Chick Peas, Green Split Peas and Vegetable Oil.

Feeding Directions - Feed at the rate of 9 pounds per 100 birds per day. Always provide adequate water.

Texas Animal Nutrition, or TAN, is our own house blend of premium feeds for equine, cattle, and poultry—made by Thomas Moore Feeds, especially for Walden FRS. You won’t find a higher quality feed at this price point, anywhere! Stop by and let us help you select the right feed for your livestock needs.

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