MLS Tubs For Cattle, Equine, Sheep and Goats

Dry conditions and lack of forage are forcing ranchers in some areas to provide supplemental feed earlier and more frequently than normal. At Walden Farm and Ranch Supply, we carry MLS tubs and Hi-Pro tubs for cattle, equine, sheep and goats. Midcontinent Livestock Supplements (MLS) low moisture cooked molasses tubs provide controlled, consistent supplement delivery to all species of livestock.

MLS Tubs For Cattle

  • # 1 Hi-Performance Supple Lix - A forage supplement with a concentrated level of vitamins and trace minerals. Designed for mature and growing cattle that need protein and mineral supplementation while grazing pastures, or being fed roughage or small grain rations.
  • #5 Stress Tub  - A protein, energy, vitamin, and trace mineral tub formulated for young cattle during weaning, shipping, or situations leading to stress.
  • # 12 Hi Mineral - A forage enhancing mineral supplement designed for year-round feeding to mature and growing beef cattle. This product is high in energy and has concentrated vitamin and trace mineral levels.
  • #17 Hi Fat - This all natural protein, energy, concentrated vitamin, major and trace mineral package is specifically formulated for mature and growing beef cattle to compliment roughage (grass hay or dry grass pasture) to replace range cubes or cake.

MLS & Hi-Pro Tubs For Equine

  •  #4 Equi Lix- A forage supplement formulated for growing and mature horses, mules, and donkeys with all natural protein, and concentrated vitamin and trace minerals to supplement roughage feeding or grazing.
  • #16 Equine Mineral Plus  - This complete vitamin and mineral supplement with added fat is specifically designed to balance trace minerals and vitamins as well as increase energy to all classes of horses grazing large pastures, or whose diet consists mainly of forage.
  • HorsLic Omega Elite is a premium all-natural, low-moisture supplement that delivers essential omega-3 fatty acid benefits 24/7 for horses that need additional nutritional support, such as breeding stallions and mares, lactating mares and performance horses.

MLS Tubs for Sheep & Goats

  • #9 Goat Tub - A forage supplement providing protein, energy, and concentrated levels of vitamins and trace minerals for mature and growing goats being fed roughage or in grazing situations.
  • #11 Hi-Performance Ewe Lix - A forage enhancer with protein, mineral, vitamin, and energy for mature and growing sheep to compliment harvested forage feeding or grazing.

Pick up MLS tubs at Walden Farm and Ranch Supply. We have four locations to serve you in Millsap, Mineral Wells and two locations in Weatherford, Texas.




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