July 2010


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Deer and Protein There is considerable controversy regarding the percentage of dietary protein that deer should have. Many people believe that deer cannot tolerate more than 16% dietary protein ... Tips for Roating Pastures Rotational grazing can provide pastures with higher yields and more efficient utilization of your forage resources.  Here are some quick tips to help you get ... Is it Beneficial to Feed Sweet Feed and Corn to Horses? Selecting and Raising Your Show Calf Selecting and Raising Your Show Calf” with Dave Guyer, Guyer Cattle Company. Things you should look for when choosing a show calf. You Can Lead A Horse To Water… Water is the main component of the body.  In fact, an average 1000 pound horse is roughly 660 pounds (80 gallons) of water.  About two-thirds of this water ... Fat Cats & Pudgy Pooches They may be fat and happy, but they may also be in danger. It’s the picture of contentment … your favorite furry four-legged companion, curled ... Bulk Feed Service Did you know that Walden Farm & Ranch provides bulk feed services?  Your bulk feed is delivered fresh from the Ft. Worth Purina Mills plant ... Traveling With Your Pet Traveling with a pet usually involves more than putting the animal in a car and driving off, especially if you will be driving long distances ... Cattle: Maximizing the Use of Home-Grown Forage Home grown forages in the form of pasture, hay and silage can supply much of the nutrients required to product a beef animal, according to ... Fleas and Pets The flea is a hardy insect with a lifespan of six to 12 months. During that time, a pair of fleas could produce millions of offspring. ...